Pete K. Peters

Manitoba, Minnesota, and Virginia Mennonite minister, school principal, publishing director admitted abuse of a minor

In 1981, Pete Peters (b. 1956), in his role as principal and teacher at Morweena Mennonite School, Manitoba, Canada, reportedly sexually abused one of his students, a 17-year-old boy, while on a camping trip. In 2016, the victim wrote a letter to Christian Light Publications of Harrisonburg, Virginia, where Peters worked, and Peters then reportedly acknowledged this abuse of power and sexual misconduct.

As of 2024, Peters continues to work for Christian Light Publications as a director of field services, traveling extensively to promote the Christian Light Education curriculum designed for K-12 classrooms and homeschools.

Church-related positions

  • Principal and teacher at Morweena Mennonite School (now Morweena Christian School), Manitoba, Canada, 1980–1983
  • Ordained minister at Prairie Mennonite Church, Lethbridge, Alberta, part of Midwest Mennonite Fellowship, 1988
  • Principal of Maranatha Bible School, Lansing, Minnesota, 2000–2004 and 2006–2008
  • Minister at Living Hope Fellowship, Eden, Manitoba, and Prairie Mennonite Church, Blooming Prairie, Minnesota
  • Director of field services and writer, Christian Light Publications, Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Christian Light Education exhibitor at homeschool conventions in Alberta (Red Deer), Manitoba (Winnipeg), Saskatchewan (Regina), etc.

First-person accounts

After the incident with Peters, Ted Reimer was expelled from school just a few months before his graduation in the spring of 1982. Reimer reported to MAP that he was baffled by the expulsion, because he was a model student, and expulsions were extremely rare. He understood Peters, the principal at the time, to have recommended the expulsion to the school board:

I believe my dad [Abe Reimer] was board chairman at the time. All I remember is him saying I was a bad example to the other students by spending too much time with my girlfriend. Up until this point in my life, Grade 1 to Grade 12, I had been a model student with an almost perfect record of high marks and respectful behaviour. The “problematic” situation, witnessed only by school staff, must have been reported in such a manner as to convince my father that a very rare expelling needed to take place. To my memory, only one other person had ever been expelled, and it caused quite a stir. After my expulsion, I suffered for a long time believing I had done something wrong that I could not understand. As I have come to terms with the fact that Peters abused me, I’ve begun to question why he expelled me.

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