Ned L. Wyse

Michigan Mennonite minister and camp pastor credentials terminated

In 2018, Ned Wyse (b. 1951) had his ministerial credentials terminated by Ohio Mennonite Conference (OMC) of Mennonite Church USA (MC USA). Wyse had been found guilty of sexual misconduct in his role as pastor at Salem Mennonite Church, Waldron, Michigan.

In July 2017, a complaint of sexual misconduct was filed against Wyse. Persons close to the case told MAP that the complaint came from a young married woman in the congregation to whose family Wyse had given financial support over an extended period.

In October 2017, the conference reported to the congregation that their internal investigation concluded Wyse “was guilty of sexual misconduct and crossed professional boundaries.” The conference’s credentialing committee chose to suspend Wyse’s credentials for one year “with conditions of counseling and participating in Faith Trust Institute’s Healthy Boundaries training.” They reported that Wyse “admitted his wrongdoing and the conference gave him conditions for the restoration of his ministerial credentials.”

The conference also published notice in the OMC Evangel in November 2017, stating: “For accountability, the Ohio Conference has begun following guidelines developed by Mennonite Church USA for notifying members when credentialed persons are disciplined because of sexual misconduct.”

Effective August 28, 2018, OMC leaders terminated Wyse’s credentials due to “insufficient compliance” with the conditions given him. Terry Shue, outgoing director of leadership development at MC USA, notified MAP of the conference’s decision that same day and forwarded documentation a few days later.

Church-related positions

  • Pastoral leadership at Salem Mennonite Church, Waldron, Michigan, 1985–2017
  • Family Camp pastor, Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp, Divide, Colorado, 1992–2017
  • Resource person for Family Camp, Little Eden Camp, Onekama, Michigan
  • Farmer-pastor presentations of poetry and dramatic Bible monologues in churches, schools, and civic organizations, 1983–present

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