Gerald L. Shank

Delaware Mennonite pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a child

In 2004, Gerald Lester Shank (b. 1947) pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct for sexually abusing a five-year-old girl in 1992. People close to the case reported to MAP that Shank had sexually abused other children at Laws Mennonite Church, Felton, Delaware. According to GAMEO, the church was a member of the Conservative Mennonite Conference (now Rosedale Network of Churches) until joining the Biblical Mennonite Alliance (BMA) in 2003. As of 2023 the church was no longer listed as a member of BMA.

In 2012, Shank moved to Missouri, where he is listed on the state sex offender registry.

Church-related positions

  • Lay leader at Laws Mennonite Church in Felton, Delaware


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