Carl Robert Showalter

Virginia psychiatrist’s license removed for fraud and unethical conduct with college students

Dr. Carl Robert Showalter (b. 1939), a psychiatrist who received referrals from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, reportedly coerced his patients to masturbate in front of him and sometimes took pictures of them doing so. He represented the “improper and unethical conduct” as a legitimate form of treatment, telling his patients it was called “masturbation therapy.” After seven former patients came forward in 1998 to report the practice and the harm they suffered as a result, including one patient who was only 16 years old, Showalter’s medical license was indefinitely suspended.

Evidence of Showalter’s abuses was first uncovered when a report of unethical billing was made against him. Showalter later pleaded guilty to felony mail fraud and permanently lost his license as part of a federal plea agreement.

Church-related positions

  • Psychiatrist who received referrals from Eastern Mennonite University and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia


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